Gifts Today magazine

Why Advertise?

There are many options as to where you can spend your marketing money.

The key objective is to reach the right retailers with a vehicle you know they will trust - Gifts Today is that vehicle.

Launched in 1989, Gifts Today is the industry’s most established gift magazine. The team has spent 30 years making sure the magazine reaches the right retailers and they in turn know that Gifts Today gives them the best content. The magazine had a redesign in Summer 2019 in readiness for its 30th anniversary in October 2019.

Size matters

In 2007 Gifts Today moved from the regular A4 format to super A4. This increases the size of the magazine and your advertising by 20%. This is at no extra cost to you and the extra space really allows your advertisement the space to breathe and to more easily convey your message to the retailer.

Fulfilling advertisers’ requirements

We have enjoyed a tremendous level of support because we fulfil advertisers' requirements, delivering a publication that reaches all of their target audience and which, most importantly, they know their customers want to read. Gift advertisers know where their money works best for them – in an established title, run by people who know the gift trade - a magazine which continues to prove itself a a leading gift trade journal.

Why you should advertise

Major buyers are changing with alarming frequency. Often, a new buyer has no direct experience of the gift trade, and hence needs to get regular information on the market from somewhere. Where better than Gifts Today - a single unbiased source of quality information? 
Major buyers are generally under pressure to cut the number of suppliers they deal with. By having no presence in Gifts Today, there is a risk that you could be 'out of sight, out of mind.'

Gift companies generally have less sales people on the road than they used to, resulting in longer call cycles and a 'communication gap.' Gifts Today can help to fill this gap. The magazine is independent, and therefore retailers of all sizes are more inclined to trust the information they receive via the publication, rather than junk mail or other impersonal forms of communication.

What can Gifts Today offer you?

Individual Incentives and Discounts

Special introductory discounts available for first time advertisers. Clients who offer forward commitment also receive special incentives.

Special Executions

We offer a variety of special executions to ensure maximum impact and help your products to stand out, including 'hard centre' inserts, gatefolds, consecutive strip ads and even dedicated supplements.

Extensive Client Support

Whether you’re new to the business or a large corporation, we will offer assistance all the way, from advert make-up to editorial support.

Exclusive Cross Sector Marketing

Gifts Today is part of Lema Publishing, which produces magazines in the character licensing, nursery, Christmas, toys, greetings and party sectors – helping you promote your products in all the relevant sectors. No other trade publication can offer this unique mix.

For further details please contact:

Advertisement Manager
Mark Horsnell
Tel: 01442 289949


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