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Paddington Bear from Steiff

The makers of the world’s first teddy bear are celebrating Paddington’s 60th birthday with a new range of plush, embracing all the ingredients that have made the company famous

Michael Bond based Paddington Bear on a lonely teddy bear he noticed on a shelf in a London store on Christmas Eve 1956, which he bought as a present for his wife. The bear inspired Bond to write a story, A Bear Called Paddington - first published on 13 October 1958. Little could he have known then how many people from around the world would come to know, love and adore his small bear from darkest Peru.

When Margarete Steiff created the world’s first soft toy in 1880, little did she realise the enormity of the gift that she was giving to children everywhere. In 1902, her nephew Richard designed the Steiff Company’s signature invention - the Teddy bear.

These are but just two moments in our history that embraced nostalgia, and by doing so, changed children’s enjoyment of childhood all over the world.

Steiff has always devoted itself to making the very best soft toys for children and treasuring innovation imagination and perfection. As Margarete Steiff herself said: ‘For children, only the best is good enough.’ Therefore, given the opportunity to celebrate the marmalade-loving BAFTA nominated bear was something Steiff grasped with both hands. Still renowned for creating unrivaled ‘life like’ animals, Steiff are thrilled to add this extra dimension of playful soft cuddly Paddington Bears that are sure to become friends for life.

The company’s new plush Paddington Bears embrace all the ingredients that made Steiff famous – ultra-high quality materials, intricate hand craftsmanship, and the famous ‘Button in Ear’ Paddington is of course machine washable and manufactured to the highest standard

Paddington is available in three sizes, retailing at £75 28cm tall, £99 38cm tall and an impressive 60cm tall at £169. A full range of gift boxing is available plus floor and shelf displays to support as POS.

The story of Steiff is full of adventure, ambition and innovation lavish with romance, nostalgia and childhood dreams. It is the story of a company responsible for the unequalled popularity of the Teddy bear, the world’s most favourite soft toy. Over 100 years later and the popularity of Steiff has spread the entire globe and grabbed International headlines as antique bears made of traditional mohair and firmly filled with wood-wool, set world record prices at auction.

Proud of their heritage yet forward-looking and venturesome, Steiff never stops chasing dreams. After all, just what would childhood memories be like if there were no teddy bears? Unimaginable!

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