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Pure London – a sparkling first day

The UK’s only fashion and sourcing trade show linking manufacturers, fabric suppliers, designers, brands and retailers at London Olympia until tomorrow, saw packed aisles, busy stands, order writing and an inspiring schedule of seminars and talks including the popular WGSN Buyers' Briefing outlining the key trends for AW18/19

Designed to build a commercial case for newness and give buyers the confidence to buy with authority, Francesca Muston, Head of Retail and Product Analysis from global trend authority WGSN set out the key trends for next season and urged for greater experimentation and excitement balanced with core commerciality to help drive consumer spending.

Mirroring the increase in ethical brands at the show, Francesca also stressed the importance of sustainability and provenance for 2018. She said: 'We have seen a gradual increase over the last 18 months, but it feels credible and considered which is right for the industry.' She added that we 'need to be aware, of where product comes from, how it is made, and what it’s made from.' Sustainability was also a key theme within the content programme of manufacturing and sourcing section Pure Origin. Trend Forecaster and Fashion Designer Geraldine Wharry discussed trend forecasting for sustainability during her talk. She said: 'The future of fashion forecasting is incorporating sustainability into the supply chain.'

During her keynote address, Editor in Chief of Cosmopolitan magazine Farrah Storr reiterated the need for experimentation, especially when times are tough. She said: 'To stand out now, you need to be a lot bolder, a lot quicker and a lot smarter in your approach. When things are difficult, creative’s are best equipped to deal with challenges. When faced with obstacles, you have to dig deep.'

On the Main Stage catwalk, Pure London with WGSN showcased four trends, as well as sparkling collections from Emerging Designers and Turkish brands, brought to life by exhibitor collections to assist, inspire and guide buyers throughout the Autumn/Winter 18/19 season.

Worldhood trend explores an increasingly globalised street culture, where influences from around the world are shared and remixed faster than ever. The direction is youthful, expressive and nostalgic. Vibrant colours and clashing patterns are woven together to make familiar looks fresh again, and classic items are reimagined in luxury fabrics.

The Thinker (shown)
The Thinker explores an emerging era of enlightenment, where ideas and education are the prized currency. For womenswear, the focus is on simple, functional designs. The look is preppy and retro, harking back to the rebellious intellectualism of the Beatniks. Comfort dressing is also key, as the boundaries between work and leisure dissolve.

In an era driven by data, HumaNature explores the urge to trust our instincts. Natural materials, tactile surfaces, and quilted and intricately decorated designs gain prominence. Textiles look to global influences and time-honoured techniques, and layered blankets and salvaged fabrics create pieces that feel both old and new.

Dark Wonder
Dark Wonder explores the influence of new technologies on fashion. Augmented reality is opening the door to acceptance of more unusual aesthetics, and in a world where we can create our own identities, gender fluidity and individuality are embraced. This is a trend that draws on themes of science fiction, escapism, and experimentation with the human form.

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