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Step up for stationery

Get write on board to help 2018 NSW campaign and hit 20,000 followers

If you love notebooks, pens, pencils and writing by hand, the team behind National Stationery Week are after your help in getting 2018 campaign underway for the industry event.

The purpose of National Stationery Week and its Writing Matters campaign has always been to celebrate writing by hand, to get people all over the world talking about and sharing details of their favourite stationery and stationers, and of course for everyone to send more letters and cards.

Last year 74.5million people heard about the week thanks to BBC Radio 2, Absolute Radio, Facebook, Twitter and almost 200 pieces of national press coverage – for 2018, organisers Ocean Media, who also run the London and Manchester Stationery Shows, are after assistance in the design time, cash, products, printing and distribution departments.

They will continue to man and coordinated the Twitter feed and Facebook pages, plus a new Instagram account for National Stationery Week, and are hoping a design team or designer will step up to devise a new campaign logo or work on the website, with their name and company clearly acknowledged.

And they would love to hear ideas for the seven Days Of Stationery themes that run through the week around the London Stationery Show on Tuesday and Wednesday, April 24-25.

It needs to be an idea that retailers and the campaign’s 20,000 stationery addict followers can get involved in, to entice new stationery fans to join in.

'We’re happy to accept people’s ideas, design skills, money, products and, or assistance with printing and distribution – whatever companies are able to do to engage with the huge legion of stationery fans out there who love to support the week and the brands and products involved in it,' said Vanessa Fortnam, part of the stationery shows team.

This year will mark the seventh time the stationery industry has worked together to promote stationery, in all its forms and uses, and the love of handwriting, to a consumer audience, and Ocean Media are also encouraging the stationery community to come forward to promote the wider
#WritingMatters campaign throughout the year.

Vanessa added: 'There are other obvious times of year when it would be great to boost consumer interest in stationery, to coincide with back-to-school times, Freshers Week at colleges and the run up to a Creative Stationery Christmas – so we would love to help organise ongoing consumer competitions and events that the stationery industry can easily support during the year that promote the Writing Matters principle behind National Stationery Week.'

To claim one of the 7 Days Of Stationery, or help with the immediate task of coming up with a campaign logo then get in touch with Vanessa on 01666 824624 or to let her know what you can do.

Anyone interested in any other aspect of the week, or longer-term ideas, should also register their names with Vanessa, in order to receive an invite to a National Stationery Week briefing session in early March which will be held in London.

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