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Wow! Stuff seek legal advice to curb illegal copies of Air Swimmers 

Richard North, the company's managing director, has issued a statement as detailed hereunder:- 

"The really nice retailers like you who are selling Wow! Stuff Air Swimmers are selling lots of them at a profit. That's great. Over 6.5 million people on YouTube think they're cool and many of them will be buying from you come Xmas. Also great. Big TV advertising started earlier this week and you are getting uplifts in sales. Big great.

"Unfortunately we [Wow] have been told about illegal copies. Not great. These illegal copies infringe lots of our Intellectual Property rights and steal profit from you and us, [eventually leading to smaller TV ads and marketing campaigns]. Double bad great. So we've got our European, USA and Asia big hairy ass lawyers involved. Big ass great. We'll let you all know each and every single one who tried to steal yours [and our] hard work, great ideas and fair profit as we sue those sons of bitches. If you are the goodies and are still concerned, TKC Sales are our official UK wholesaler, or call us at 0870 054 6000, or email We're happy to receive any info on the baddies too.

"Best wishes to the goodies, and look forward to meeting the baddies shortly."

He concluded: "Also note that illegal copies will not have passed the stringent safety tests that the official Wow! Stuff toys have been subjected to. And could therefore pose a serious threat to children's safety."

[An Air Swimmer is pictured] 

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