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If a dictionary could reveal a thousand words...

Forget any preconceptions of how a dictionary should look and take a look at this exciting new educational product from If.

If’s Children’s Electronic Dictionary is lightweight and user-friendly.

Challenging words will become fun with this novel reading gadget, as children will actually enjoy looking up the words they don’t know or understand with this convenient and fun electronic dictionary.

Despite the compact size of this super slim device there is no compromise to the quality of the information it contains, as the data content is from the bestselling Oxford Primary Dictionary, published by Oxford University Press.

Head of Children’s Dictionaries at Oxford University Press, Vineeta Gupta, said “I’m delighted that children can be further supported in their reading and writing with this lightweight electronic device.”
If is an established British designer of reading themed gifts and book accessories, and its UK English version of Electronic Dictionary Bookmark has been a consistent best seller since the product was awarded “Gift of the Year” by the Giftware Association in the 2011 stationery category. If is confident that this new dictionary for children will prove to be a popular gift for young readers and hopes it will find its way into a lot of schoolbags and classrooms in the future.

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