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A puzzle with a twist

Gibsons has teamed up with the Unilever again to bring the iconic Twister lolly to life in the form of a double-sided, 250-piece jigsaw puzzle

Following the success of Gibsons’ licensed Marmite Jigsaw which was launched in 2015, the jigsaw manufacturers have introduced another addition to their best-selling range. The 250-piece, double-sided Wall’s Twister Ice Cream puzzle is presented in a larger than life tin replica of the iconic green and white ice lolly.

With Twister being the number one bestselling product in the kids' ice cream market, making up 50% of Unilever kids' ice cream sales 1, this new and exciting puzzle is bound to strike a connection with ice cream and puzzle lovers across the market.

Chloe Irwin, Licensing Director at Unilever UK, said: 'Following the success of the Marmite jigsaw, we were really keen to work with Gibsons to bring another brand to life. The 3D packaging we have designed reflects the iconic design of Twister, and will appeal to both retailers and consumers who will be keen to have this in their Jigsaw collection.'

Samantha Goodburn, PR & Marketing Executive at Gibsons, said: 'We were blown away by the success of our Marmite jigsaw. Since its launch in 2015, it’s been our best-selling puzzle in this range. We believe the reason behind its success is not only the eye-catchingly unique packaging, but also the fact that you get two jigsaws in one, thanks to the double-sided pieces. This Twister puzzle has all the same ingredients and we’re really proud to have it in our range. Hopefully it can repeat the same success that we’ve had with Marmite!'

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