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Romantic new fragrance for Millefiori Milano’s spring range

Millefiori Milano – one of Italy’s leading home fragrance companies – has unveiled a romantic new fragrance to celebrate spring and the beauty of the season.

Millefiori will be adding the stunning, yet soft, pastel themed fragrance which combines the delicate scent of Jasmine and the warm notes of Ylang-ylang to its Natural range; Jasmine Ylang.

Gentle floral head notes rest on an aromatic and intense rosewood and patchouli base to create a sensual and intoxicating perfume which stirs the senses.

Established in the 1990s Millefiori has continued to expand its product range and is now one of the most renowned home fragrance brands in the world.

Millefiori’s fragrances are fresh, sophisticated and distinctly European. Fragrances are designed to evoke emotion, stimulate the senses and stir up nostalgia, acting as an extension of the customer’s personality and as an essential element of their homes.

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