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A tale of two films: Frozen to beat all-time record of Toy Story 3

Current film-licensed Frozen toy sales exceed £31m sales in Great Britain

The Disney film Frozen is the number one licence in Great Britain’s toy market.

Despite the film’s being released almost a year ago, retail toys sales have been very strong since the launch.

Frozen has been holding the top spot since children went back to school in early September.

‘New items have been launched, production has been increased to meet demand, and sales are getting stronger. We counted three Frozen dolls in the five best-selling toys last week alone,’ said Frederique Tutt, Toys Global Industry Analyst for The NPD Group, the global information provider.

‘When looking at weekly sales and given the most important weeks of the year are still to come (a third of sales happened in the last seven weeks of the year), if Frozen continues at this level until Christmas, not only will the licence keep top spot and get the licence of the year accolade but it will also beat the all-time record of Toy Story 3 (2010) in terms of toy sales.’

While Frozen appeals to both genders, the merchandise sales are predominantly concentrated amongst girls making its performance at retail even more outstanding.

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