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A&B come of age with ambitious growth plans

Ashleigh & Burwood is preparing aspirational plans for the home fragrance brand

From humble beginnings, with a production that started around the family kitchen table, father and son, John and Andrew Nettleton, set about their mission to form a little company that valued all the things they did - family, fragrance, quality and creativity. More than twenty five years on and that determination, knowledge and experience grown along the way has steadily built a business to be incredibly proud of.

In the UK Ashleigh & Burwood is the first choice for Fragrance Lamps and the largest independently owned home fragrance company. The brand name instills a sense of heritage and is trusted for its quality. The operational side of the business is buoyed by its financial stability, owning its large Surrey headquarters with room for expansion.

Alongside this, John & Andrew see other key strengths in the people and of course the product range. Managing Director Andrew explains: 'From merchandising to creative and product development roles we’re pleased to have under our roof, experts in their fields. We’re proud of our product range, offering innovation and imagination in our products and fragrances with an assurance of quality. Our products hit key price points and we have support in place for the retailer to maximise product profitability.'

Since John & Andrew first formed Ashleigh & Burwood, their determination to succeed has been unwavering and they’ve built a strong foundation for a successful business that they and their team are passionate about.

Speaking of the future, Chairman John comments: 'What we’d like to do now set in action a plan to grow our business and secure a dynamic brand that consumers demand and that drives even stronger sales for our retail partners.” Recognising and rising to the challenge ahead of them, in potentially difficult trading conditions, John and Andrew have reached out to a fellow gift industry professional, a big name in home fragrance, to bring counsel to the task of driving Ashleigh & Burwood’s growth.

'We’re very optimistic about our new link up and are excited to see the company reach its full potential, whilst remaining in touch with the original drives to create Ashleigh & Burwood, which are family and fragrance- key values that will always be upheld.'

Ashleigh & Burwood are due to announce full details of the link up in the new year.

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