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Accentuate unveils new branded display unit

Accentuate, the hilarious accent-guessing game, has revealed a new branded floor-standing display unit for retailers.

Created by Rachel Tomkins, a product design student at Ravensbourne University, the POS unit reflects the distinctive Accentuate branding. It’s available free of charge to retailers purchasing 20 units, and comes with a free game for display/demo purposes.

The new Accentuate FSDU combines three key functions:

- Acts as a distinctive and iconic showcase to store 20 units of Accentuate
- Tells people how to play within just 15-20 seconds of viewing the visual icons on the stand
- Lets people have a go so they can immediately have fun in-store with the game

“The unit has been designed to let customers learn more about the game before they buy,” explains Graeme Fraser-Bell, co-inventor of Accentuate. “We listened to valuable feedback from the independent retailers at the London Toy Fair 2015 and tried to incorporate those components into the FSDU.

“There’s a special section of the stand which lets customers see exactly what’s inside the box. They can even pick up the individual components and try the game out there and then. We knew from retailers that this was an important part of the purchasing experience – in particular with a new game; customers want to know what they’re getting and how to play. We’ve spent time carefully ensuring our instructions are clear, concise and enable people to get playing within just a few moments.”

Accentuate boasts a simple yet humiliating premise: repeat a given quotation aloud in a randomly selected accent and see if teammates can guess what it is. The worse the accent attempts are, the more hilarious the game becomes as players struggle to separate their Geordie from their German, their Scouse from their Spanish. Featuring 30 different drawls from around the globe – a third of which are home-grown British accents – Accentuate players are under blush-inducing pressure to perform, with just thirty seconds to deliver the quotation in the allotted accent.

The distinctive black and white Accentuate box comes complete with 90 Accent Cards featuring 30 different accents from around the globe (each repeated three times), 90 different Quotation Cards, a timer and a dice to select game-play options. Its compact size makes it ideal for travel – perfect for livening up festive visits to friends and family. Accentuate is for four or more players aged 16+, RRP £19.99.

Visit their site for more information.

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