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A-Ford-able Retro Chic

Kick back in your favourite vintage car with new clothing range

Vintage loving gifts and homewares brand Home of Retro has launched its first own-brand clothing collection featuring iconic Ford models from the ‘80s and ‘90s.

T-shirts and vest tops in men's and women's sizes feature the original muscle car, the Mustang, the speed demon's favourite the GT40, and the love it or hate it Ford Transit.

If you used to cruise in your Capri, if you souped up your Escort, or found love in your Fiesta, this collection will stir memories and doubtless raise a question or two from younger generations more au fait with sleek sports cars drawing the crowds. 

This collection has been created for anyone who loved their hot hatchback or still croons over their classic first car.

Jon Moss, founder and managing director of Home of Retro, comments: “This collection of Ford classics revives memories of a generation while celebrating some of car manufacturing's greatest creations. The Ford Transit has been in production for over 50 years and finally the Mustang is coming to the UK as right hand drive to much acclaim.”

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