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Celebrate 150 years of Alice in Wonderland

From being imagined by Charles Ludwidge Dodgson whilst spending a day out on the river with his friends the Liddell family, the story of Alice, which was first published in 1865 under the pen name Lewis Carroll, has been published in many different formats and languages throughout the years.

In a recent survey of 2,000 readers by Sainsbury's to celebrate World Book Day, Alice in Wonderland was voted 2nd in a list of 50 books every child should read by the time they turn 16.

Designed with an exclusive first edition style cover, you choose who is swept away in this original classic story. Any name can take the place of Alice within this iconic novel along with up to 5 other characters, which can also be personalised, your Alice can take this adventure with friends.

You can match personalities of friends to the optional characters to customise including: The White Rabbit, who is running late and begins the adventure into Wonderland; The Queen of Hearts, a foul tempered ruler loves to yell "off with their heads!"; The King of Hearts, who likes to pardon the Queen’s doomed subjects; The Mad Hatter, who loves tea parties and asks why a raven is like a writing desk; and The Cheshire Cat, a mischievous and confusing character who likes to befuddle our leading lady. Available in soft-back or hard-back editions, Signature Gifts Classic Novels retail from £9.99

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