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Amazon drones set a course for the UK

After clearance in America, internet giant amazon could soon be delivering your goods by drone.

Amazon is said to have approached the Government to launch a trial of the technology in Britain.

Transport minister Robert Goodwill revealed the plans at a press conference for driverless cars and wider technologies.

“I had some people from Amazon coming to see me the other day; they want to replace van deliveries with drone deliveries, and they can’t do any trials in the US because they’re over-regulated,” he said.

“So my favourite word is deregulation, and we need to make sure that wherever you are in the world, and if you want to innovate and you want to invest in this sort of technology, come to the UK because we’re here to help you.”

The Federal Aviation Administration in the US last week approved Amazon’s plan to begin testing drones for online deliveries, though the e-commerce firm first made the request in July last year.

The project, called Amazon Prime Air, was first revealed in a YouTube video in late 2013.

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