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Apples to Pears put gifts in a tin

Check out the gift company's range of clever gifts

Jake the Snake
Letter and number fun! Jake the Snake is an educational puzzle perfect for pre-schoolers. With double sided chunky wooden pieces, little ones can learn both the alphabet and how to count. Once playtime is over, he packs away neatly back into the tin for easy storage.

Scooter in a Tin
Responding to the astounding demand for Tractor in a Tin and Camper Van Construction Kit, Apples to Pears are launching a brand-new metal construction kit: Scooter in a Tin. Fantastic as a family activity or a challenge to face alone, and we’ve even included a ‘target’ coaster, so your customers can have a drink while they build.

Dinosaur Island
The newest giant Gift in a Tin is not one to miss! Dinosaur Island is a beautiful playset made of chunky, colourful wooden pieces. With everything from Triceratops and Diplodocus to Sharks, this set is perfect for children with a wild imagination. Once the playing is over, all the pieces can be packed back into the handy storage tin.

All are now available to order.

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