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Argos hosts Barbie exhibition

There's a chance to delve into the archive of the world’s number one fashion doll for a fun and nostalgic look at some of the nation’s favourite Barbie's throughout the years at the Argos exhibition at the Old Street store in London

Including bestsellers Totally Hair Barbie, Peaches ‘n’ Cream plus Aqua Magic Barbie, Teacher Barbie and Super Gymnast Barbie, adults and children alike will love seeing how Barbie has changed throughout the years to reflect pop culture and fashion through retro looks, and how this iconic doll continues to evolve today.

With more than 200 careers in 60 years, from athlete to astronaut, paediatrician to president, in 2019 Barbie continues to diversify and take on aspirational and culturally relevant roles which encourage children to be whatever they want to be. She first branched out career-wise in the 1960s when, as an astronaut, she went to the moon…four years before Neil Armstrong. While only 24 per cent of today’s STEM careers are held by women, Barbie has been a computer engineer, video game developer and a Mars explorer to name a few.

Juliet Ward, Head of Toy Buying at Argos said: 'Argos has been synonymous with toys for over 45 years and for decades, Barbie has been a catalogue favourite.

'Argos has stocked over 150 varieties of the iconic doll and it continues to remain one of our best-selling toy brands, resonating with every generation.

'In Argos, last year’s most popular Barbie doll was Rainbow Lights Mermaid with its light-up tail and bright, rainbow colours. This year’s best-sellers at Argos are the Fashionista range with added diversity and more variety in styles, fashions, shoes and accessories plus a range of body types, skin tones, eye colours, hairstyles and accessories making Barbie the most diverse fashion doll on the market. The Dream Camper remains the most popular Barbie accessory at Argos, which has been stocked at the store since the 80s. The Camper now comes with a pool, water slide and hammocks to create a play space more than two feet long.

'The Argos Barbie Exhibition is a wonderful display of not only how Barbie has evolved, but how the brand continues to inspire the limitless potential in every child.'

To celebrate Barbie on her 60th anniversary, Argos will be showcasing nostalgic favourites from the past four decades as well as the latest Barbie dolls and accessories at an exhibition from 6 to 13 March 2019. Head to Argos, 189-197 Old St, London EC1V 9JS, 8.30am - 8pm. Free to attend.

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