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Argos reveals Top Toys for 2018

Fingerlings, NERF, LEGO and of course, unicorns

Argos has announced its Top Toys for 2018.

The list features 13 new and exciting toys that are set to feature on every child’s wish list and which will bring fantasy, technology, construction and discovery to toyboxes nationwide.

2018 is the ‘Year of the Unicorn’ with the mythical steeds set to dominate the toy scene having already taken over social feeds and the food and design worlds. Four unique and innovative unicorn toys are expected to fly off the shelves this year, including the My Lovely Unicorn Electric Ride-On which makes a great high-impact gift, to the quirkier Poopsie, the unicorn who poops glitter.

Last year’s bestsellers, LOL Surprise and Fingerlings, make a return appearance for 2018 thanks to new innovations - a range of dinosaur-themed Fingerlings and the LOL Surprise Under Wraps which is the first cylindrical-shaped case from the collectable favourite. TV stars Paw Patrol also return to the list with the brand-new Rescue Fire Truck Playset.

Boxer the playful robot is a fantastic choice for the 79 per cent of parents who choose to buy toys that encourage children to be interactive and imaginative. Kids who prefer something more hands-on will also love the Treasure X 3-Pack Chest which lets you dig for gold-dipped treasure. And construction fans will be delighted with another great playset from perennial favourite LEGO, the City Arctic Mobile Exploration Base.

The list comes as Argos research reveals that 4.7 million Brits have already started their Christmas shopping, while almost half a million 16 to 25-year olds have already finished their present buying for the festive season.

For the 36 per cent of us who are less prepared and regret leaving their shopping until the last minute, this list is the perfect way to find that perfect present.

JJuliet Ward, Head of Toy Buying, at Argos, said: 'This year’s list is arguably our most exciting and eclectic to date. The list shows how toys are continuing to progress with interactive items amongst the most popular. We’re also seeing the modernisation of more classic and traditional toys resulting in a varied and extensive list – everything from Boxer, the mischievous robot, to the Tiny Treasures Doll, which looks and smells just like a real baby. Social media trends are influencing toys more than ever before, such as the unicorn craze which has inspired great products like the Vtech Fantasy Unicorn and the My Lovely Unicorn Electric Ride-On. The pocket-money-friendly collectibles craze also continues to evolve and succeed with LOL Surprise, Fingerlings and the Treasure X 3-Pack Chest all must-have toys for this year.'

The Top Toys for 2018 are:
* Fingerlings Untamed T-Rex
* VTech Fantasy Unicorn
* Fingerlings Untamed Dino Cage
* Paw Patrol Rescue Fire Truck Playset
* Nerf Laser Ops Two-Pack
* Chad Valley Tiny Treasures Doll
* LEGO City Arctic Mobile Exploration Base
* Fingerlings Hugs
* Boxer
* LOL Surprise Under Wraps
* Treasure X 3-Pack Chest
* Poopsie Unicorn Surprise
* My Lovely Unicorn Electric Ride-On

The Top Toys will be will be available to buy at Argos from July 2018, with the exception of Poopsie Unicorn Surprise and Nerf Laser Ops Two-Pack, which launch in August.

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