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Beano celebrates the big 8-0!

Beano Studios have lots of celebrations planned

Next year marks the Beano’s 80th anniversary. Throughout 2018 Beano Studios say they will be celebrating 80 years of the comic!

Beano Studios will be announcing a number of exciting collaborations with fellow cultural icons in the coming months, as the 80th birthday draws nearer. The partnerships lineup includes major UK museums, couture fashion houses and much loved British brands; as well as TV projects and live performances on the horizon. Alongside this, will be celebrating the milestone throughout 2017-18 with a fizzing pipeline of minxing videos planned across web, app and YouTube.

Emma Scott, CEO of Beano Studios says: 'It’s Beano’s 80th Birthday and we’re going to cause some mischief! Our year-long celebration will have something for kids of all ages – even the grown up ones! We may be turning 80, but all things Beano are as relevant as ever; funny, rebellious and imaginative, staying true to the Beano spirit both online on and offline in our iconic comic. Our mission at Beano Studios is to bring the Beano spirit to kids everywhere. Come and join the fun!'

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