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New licensing partnerships for Do You Promise

Independent licensing consultancy Bee Licensing has announced two new partnerships for the Do You Promise brand

Bee Licensing, which manages licensing for Jessami Ltd, creator of the Do You Promise app, which combines technology, rewards and fun characters in an engaging app designed to positively influence children’s development and behaviour, has announced two new partnerships for the Do You Promise brand. They are with learning through art property Arty Mouse, and You Tube learning development channel Super Geek Heroes.

Both brands, which are represented by the learning through play agency Edutainment Licensing, will supply characters for the interactive component of the Do You Promise app.

Created by parents with both parents and children in mind, Do You Promise encourages children and parents to make positive achievements through the commitment of a promise over a period of time using technology — and an entertaining interactive component — to make this an engaging and enjoyable experience.

Online responses to the app and the concept have so far been overwhelmingly positive. It has also proved a winning concept for children, who enjoy receiving a video message from a favourite character, asking them to ‘lock in’ their promise with a parent or carer. The child and parent or carer then place their thumbs on the tablet or phone to lock in the promise — together. Children enjoy this experience immensely — even more so when they fulfil their promise and their chosen character delivers a ‘well done’ message.

This framework also allows the regular addition of engaging characters — which is where Arty Mouse and Super Geek Heroes come in. Both are synonymous with fun and learning, and both have a growing following online and, in the case, of Arty Mouse, in books and licensed merchandise.

Arty Mouse is a small character who is big on creativity. He and his friends introduce simple creative skills, enabling children aged three to six to express what they see in the world around them through creative exploration and discovery.

Super Geek Heroes is a new animated series on YouTube introduced to educate and entertain children while enhancing their development through their early years. It stars seven young heroes whose superpowers represent seven facets of early learning. Each video in the series focuses on curricular areas such as health, literacy, numeracy, creative arts and social-emotional development, encouraging children to interact with the content as they watch.

The partnership with these two respected and popular early learning brands will bring an extra dimension to the Do You Promise portfolio. More brands are expected to follow. In fact Bee Licensing expects the unique and positive associations of both the app and the concept to inspire further agreements with appropriate properties.

Denise Dean, Owner, Edutainment Licensing says: 'The growth of app-based learning can benefit children enormously if managed correctly. The delightful Do You Promise app brings together fun and development in one inspirational package. We are delighted to be working with this clever and charming offering.'

Trudi Bishop, founder and director of Bee Licensing, sees strong potential for further partnerships. She says: 'The ingenious concept behind Do You Promise brings together friendly, likeable characters with an app that encourages positive development in an entertaining and engaging way. Children will love interacting with characters they know and like, making this app a positive experience for families and a major opportunity for licensees.'

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