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Belightful Butterfly Oasis

You can make the most of your garden, backyard or patio with this award-winning butterfly feeder

Belightful Butterfly Oasis re-imagines and enhances the visual language of wildlife care in the most extraordinary way. Sleek Scandinavian design is connecting the form into function. It offers a fun way to support butterflies and nature. Feeders are made with the environment in mind from durable, recyclable materials. The innovative feeding cavities work perfectly with the butterfly’s proboscis and prevent the access of other insects to the enclosed nectar source.

Oasis is available in three colours - lilac, pink and yellow. These colours are borrowed from the natural flowers known for attracting butterflies. With the nectar and the sponge included in the package; Oasis is ready to use after only adding water into it. Every product package includes an individual code for an option to register the Oasis. This enables access to topic-related content and additional tips for using the Oasis.

Oasis is packed in a beautiful, colourful box, and no additional gift wrap is needed. It is indeed a perfect gift and a must-have conversation piece of every summer soiree.

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