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Bento Box storage launched at Pulse

Artisan British hand-block printing brand, Yateley Papers, are launching product range at Pulse this week

This versatile diamond design in the uplifting colours of teal, chocolate, mustard and red will be launched this month across a range of Yateley Papers’ home accessories products, including their new ‘Bento boxes’ and the company’s existing range of magazine and lever arch files, ring binders, lampshades and tissue box covers.

Consisting of a useful range of trays and pots which can be customised in different arrangements for the home office, hall, bedroom or living room, Yateley Papers’ new ‘Bento’ products are inspired by the Japanese food boxes of the same name.

The ‘Elegant Bento Tray’, ‘Slim line Tray’, ‘A4 Tray’ and ‘Short’ and ‘Tall’ pots will be available individually in various ‘Kite’ colours to mix and match from Yateley Papers’ online shop this month.

Yateley Papers will also offer a standard combination ‘Bento Box set’ featuring a generously-sized ‘Elegant Bento tray’ (in the Chocolate ‘Kite’ design with a contrasting Mustard base), within which sits a slim line tray (in Red with a Chocolate base) and a tall pot (in Red).

Designer Sophie Morton explains that she and fellow director Trudi Savin were driven to develop the Bento range as a solution to the problem of tidily storing ‘essential clutter’ such as notebooks, post-it notes, pens, keys and remote controls.

'We wanted to find an elegant and attractive way of storing the bits and bobs we all accumulate in our studies, halls, living rooms and bedside tables, when we hit upon the bento box idea. Rather than having things strewn about or relying on a collection of ugly plastic in-trays and pen pots, this is a neat way of keeping everything close to hand in one beautifully decorative place.'

Of their ‘Kite’ design, Sophie and Trudi say: 'Our aim was to create a subtle design versatile enough to fit in with most room schemes, be they contemporary or traditional. We think our geometric Kite design does the trick and the colours really make it fly, if you’ll excuse the pun. And without wishing to be immodest, in the words of kite-fan Mary Poppins, we hope PULSE visitors will come to the conclusion that it’s practically perfect in every way.'

Stand K62 in the Living sector

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