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British Beauty Blogger's love for Ashleigh & Burwood

The company's Wild Things, Monarch of the Forest Luxury Scented Candle made Jane Cunningham's list of 10 best winter candles recently

Said Jane: 'This brand is a recent discovery for me and this particular candle is all about frost-hit, earthy countryside. It’s woody, aromatic and resinous – big throw, great value on that basis.'

Following the footsteps of English explorers, eccentrics and pioneers, Wild Things traces a path of adventure and discovery across the globe, capturing in a collection of scented souvenirs the spirit of the weird and wonderful.

Designed to make a statement in the home as luxurious ornaments, Ashleigh & Burwood's Scented Candles pair vibrant, richly decorated ceramic vessels with a specially designed blend of premium quality wax and a high percentage of fragrance for incredible fragrance release.

You can read Jane's review HERE.

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