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British business helps nation celebrate National Umbrella Day in style

The Umbrella Shop is gearing up to celebrate National Umbrella Day on 10 February.

With its huge selection of umbrellas for every occasion, the award winning online e-store is the go-to hub for Brits on the search for the perfect brolly.

National Umbrella Day gives Brits a chance to show their appreciation for an item that is largely taken for granted. As well as keeping owners warm and dry, umbrellas also shade from the sun, protect from the wind and even act as a style statement.

John Jackson, Sales Manager of The Umbrella Shop said: “Understandably, National Umbrella Day is our most anticipated date of the year. Nothing puts a smile on our faces quite like a happy customer who is thrilled with their new purchase. This season we’ve got some fabulous umbrellas to suit every scenario – stylish, quirky, kids, sports… We stock them all.”

The day pays homage to Samuel Fox, a British industrialist who invented the first steel-ribbed umbrella back in 1852. While contemporary society associates umbrellas with rain, the origins of the word suggest that it was originally designed as a form of sun shelter. The word umbrella is derived from a combination of the Latin word umbra, which means shaded, and umbella which refers to a flat-topped round flower.

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