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British Museum appoints TSBA Group to provide licensing agent services

Fowling in the marshes: fragment of wall painting from the tomb of Nebamun, 1350BC.The museum has appointed specialist brand agency to build a global licensing campaign.

The three-year partnership will establish a platform for realising the British Museum’s enormous licensing potential.

The museum has selected TSBA Group to develop a licensing campaign that, at its heart, has the values that have made the British Museum one of the world’s best known and most loved cultural institutions.

Human culture across the globe and throughout history is reflected in the British Museum’s vast and unique collection of more than eight million objects. It’s an extraordinary record of human art and artefacts over thousands of years, and one that provides a wealth of exciting opportunities for licensees in a range of categories.

The programme will draw on the Museum’s wide demographic appeal, while ensuring that its values and integrity are maintained. TSBA Group will be carefully selecting licensees across a broad range of categories including:
• Toys
• Homewares
• Apparel
• Jewellery
• Giftware
• Accessories

The programme will have a number of aims, among them:
• To communicate the museum and its values to a wide audience
• To promote the museum’s role as telling the story of cultural achievement throughout the world
• To raise awareness of the British Museum as a museum of the world and for the world

Craig Bendle, Manager of Merchandise Licensing at the, British Museum, says: “We are very impressed both with the professionalism of TSBA Group and the obvious energy and focus it can give to the British Museum’s licensing programme. In particular TSBA has strong experience in working with heritage assets. We are looking forward to working with TSBA Group on driving our licensing programme forward over the coming years, and to sharing the British Museum with the world.”

Ian Mallalue, the CEO of TSBA Group, adds: “We are honoured to have been chosen to work with an iconic destination that has been described as “where the world meets the world”. We are now looking forward enormously to developing what we are sure will be an exciting, innovative, yet authentic global programme that realises the British Museum’s extraordinary and unique potential. Where else can the history of humanity be harnessed to inspire, educate and delight on a global platform?”

TSBA Group services clients in over 80 countries worldwide, always ensuring that authentic and relevant programmes are put in place. It offers not only licensing but product development design and promotional services, and has a particularly strong reputation in helping companies across a variety of major sectors to build on their rich heritage to power their brand.

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