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Clintons have a card for everything!

June, a month in which many families celebrate Father’s Day, also sees a number of lesser-known occasions, according to analysis by national card and gift retailer Clintons

Tim Fairs, a director at Clintons, said: 'Let’s spare a bit of time this month to celebrate the turkey, consider the importance of lightning safety and be thankful for juggling, meteors, handshakes and aesthetically-challenged dogs on their dedicated days. I can’t promise that Clintons has a card for each of these occasions, but we do have blank cards that can be adapted – and of course for Father’s Day we have several hundred options in our stores this year.'

He added: 'It is also, I am told, World Naked Bike Ride Month. We are issuing guidance that this is for the Northern Hemisphere only to avoid the possibility of chill Downunder.'

‘Key’ celebrations this month include:

Month celebrations:

Adopt-A-Cat Month

Audio Book Appreciation Month

Beautiful in Your Skin Month

Country Cooking Month

Dairy Alternatives Month

International Surf Music Month

Lane Courtesy Month

Turkey Lovers Month Link

Accordion Awareness Month

Bathroom Reading Month

Camping Month

Pet Preparedness Month

Smile Month

Potty Training Awareness Month

Skyscraper Month

World Naked Bike Ride Month (Northern Hemisphere)

Week celebrations:

International Clothesline Week: June 3-10

Bed Bug Awareness Week: June 4-10

National Business Etiquette Week: June 4-10

International Listening Week: June 7-10

National Hermit Week: June 13-20

Carpenter Ant Awareness Week: June 18-24

Lightning Safety Awareness Week: June 18-24

Watermelon Seed Spitting Week: June 22-25

Day celebrations:

Superman's Birthday: June 1

Rotisserie Chicken Day: June 2

Doughnut Day: June 2

Turtle Races Day: June 3

Festival of Popular Delusions Day: June 5

Russian Language Day: June 6

VCR Day: June 7

Ball Point Pen Day: June 10

World Pet Memorial Day: June 13

Global Wind Day: June 15

Ugliest Dog Day: June 16

Eat Your Vegetables Day: June 17

World Juggling Day: June 17

International Sushi Day: June 18

World Sauntering Day: June 19

Hike With A Geek Day: June 20

Selfie Day: June 21

World Handshake Day: June 21

Take Your Dog To Work Day: June 23

Global Beatles Day: June 25

Meteor Watch Day: June 30

Social Media Day: June 30

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