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Collected with conscience and crafted with love

Jewellery that reflects the uniqueness and beauty of nature is always some of the most stunning

Imagine capturing the beautiful shape of maples leaves in Autumn colours of gold and platinum. Or a pendant made from a beautiful silver birch leaf preserved in its pristine form?

ìForever Leavesî, sold by Two Skies Design do just that.† Itís no wonder that they are flying out of the door. Each product is a real leaf that has been skeletonised and then coated in precious metals† (24 ct gold, pure silver and copper).

This special process, called electro-forming, preserves the shape and character of the original leaf. Customers love the fact that each piece is entirely individual and comes beautifully packaged with a chain and information card.† Trade prices range from £6 upwards while the pieces retail between £20-£30.

Forever Leaves are sold by Two Skies Design ñ a jewellery business with a difference. Its catch phrase of ìcollected with conscience and crafted with loveî reflects the careful transformation of natural materials into a range of contemporary designs.

View the full collection or request a free trade catalogue at and follow more of their adventures on Facebook.

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