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Cracking lines from Tobar

You’d be hopping mad not to check out these fab Easter egg alternative lines from Tobar

Tobar has some fantastic Easter lines to help increase sales and brighten up window displays this year. Whether customers are looking for alternative gifts to the chocolate Easter egg or smaller gifts as prizes for Easter Egg Hunts the Tobar team are on hand to help.

Wind-up toys remain a best seller all year round, and Tobar has a selection of Easter lines including the Clockwork Fuzzy Hopping Chick and Rabbit, the fun Clockwork Bunny, and cute Clockwork Chick – wind them up and watch them go! These affordable lines are great for in-store demos or for customers looking for novelty gifts.

Stock up on alternative gifts to the Easter egg with the Tobar Make Your Own Kits. Everything kids need is inside the box and there are some wonderful designs including Easter Egg, Rabbit and Glove Rabbit.

Creating the perfect Easter Egg Hunt is simple with Tobar. The Fun Filler Party range includes bags, bubbles, and novelty gift packs in bright neon colours which are fun and affordable. There are also Bunny Erasers, Maze Puzzles and even silly Egg Bouncy Balls!

Little ones will be amazed by the Magic Growing Rabbit model that grows fluffy fur-like crystals across its body. Assemble the head and body, then sit the rabbit in its tray. Add the magic solution and within a couple of hours crystals will start to grow. After approximately 12 hours the rabbit's body will be covered in fluffy crystals.

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