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Crafty finds at Tendence 2015

Let Tendence be your agony aunt, your helping hand and industry guide to renew, refresh and revamp your retail collections for 2016.

This year’s international trade fair for the Living and Giving consumer goods sector is held 29 August-1 September 2015, Frankfurt am Main.

Alongside 1,200 international exhibitors showcasing unlimited gifts, interiors, seasonal decoration, personal accessories and fashion, this year’s edition attracts the modern arts and craft sector too! More than 24 creative designers take the stage to present their innovative designs in the Talents area of the fair.

Highly aesthetic and pleasing to the eye, the Talent’s area is a highlight for trade visitors to source brand new designs and products from international companies, which give retail collections the wow factor.

Discover creative and artistic crafts made of wood, glass, paper and ceramic materials.

Showcasing a beautifully designed wooden cupboard is Belgium-born Moupila while Stefan Behr creates dishes, sculptures and vases from freshly cut domestic wood and soft wickerwork basketry is presented by Diana Stegmann.

Linde Herman produces glass and ceramic designs from melted end pieces and creates glass circular artwork.

Anke Neumann from Lichtpapier illuminates handmade paper sculptures and surfaces with unique technique.

Kyungmin Lee uses geometric patterns and structures from ceramic materials and uses a specialised technique in the firing process.

Hsian Jung from Taipei brings fruit and vegetable inspired handmade pottery objects. All of these inspirational and innovative consumer goods designs are presented at Tendence this August.

With the eye-catching designs and powerful industry trends, Tendence is your source for consumer goods Living and Giving. For more information on how to visit Tendence, go to

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