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Danish government launches new e-commerce initiative

It is the Danish government’s ambition to support the export potential for Danish businesses

Online exports play a crucial part in the growth strategy, and the potential is strong: Last year, Denmark imported DKK 30 billion more than it exported, and global e-marketplaces are estimated to account for 40 percent of B2C global sales in 2020.

To help closing this gap, the government is creating an e-exporting programme to help companies to sell abroad using digital channels, as it is clear that there is great potential for Danish businesses. The initiative strengthens the efforts to get Danish companies, and especially the small and medium-sized ones, into large global e-marketplaces such as Newegg, Wayfair, Alibaba and others. By selling online, businesses can test and find customers in different markets and sell 24/7 while taking advantage of different times zones and get their products exposed to millions of potential buyers, which also strengthens their brand awareness.

This programme aims to make it easier for companies to join key e-marketplaces, as we help negotiate better rates, with promotional initiatives and in some cases, lower commission fees. Through this initiative, businesses can also get expert support from our digital advisors; they can help with developing and implementing e-commerce strategies internationally, e-marketplace identification, route to markets and introductions.

In parallel to this, Per Nielson, the Managing Director of IC Lauvring in Denmark and Simon Pykett (centre) the Managing Director of Filias Agencies Ltd here in the UK, signed an agreement in the presence of Lars Thuesen, the Danish Ambassador to the UK. At the Ambassador’s residence in London, this agreement signals the launch of IC Lauvring to the online and high street, UK and Irish Markets. Filias Agencies Ltd specialises in wholesaling Scandinavian product into the UK.

Per Nielson, Managing Director of IC Lauvring
Middle: Simon Pykett, Managing Director of Filias Agencies Ltd
Right: Lars Thuesen, Danish Ambassador to the UK

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