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Danish Living at The London Design Fair

Building on the success from last year, the Trade Council of Denmark is co-financing the official Danish pavilion at the show, running 19-22 September at the Old Truman Brewery, London E1

The pavilion shows real world Danish Living with a curated mix of Danish brands to highlight Denmark’s strong heritage within quality design as well as a strong emphasis on sustainability.

Denmark’s rich design heritage dates back to the mid-20th century, where designers such as Hans Wegner and Arne Jacobsen emerged, combining advanced technologies with ideas of simplicity and functionalism to design buildings, furniture and household objects. The design reflects the Nordic environment and climate often using sustainable, locally sourced materials mixed with old craft traditions of silverware, ceramics, etc. Combined with a lot of hygge, the unique Danish design traditions will be brought to life at London Design Fair 2019. Danish Living is more than just a showroom, it is a place for everyone to relax, enjoy a drink and get inspired by the stylish Danish way of living.

Facilitated by the Embassy of Denmark in the UK and curated by Trine Galschiøt and Anette Nørmark from the Danish design company ARTTILES, the pavilion (1.08, Hall H1) will present novel as well as more established brands by mixing and bringing together iconic and promising contemporary designs within furniture, doors, carpets, lighting and homeware.

'We are proud to yet again have a strong Danish footprint with our official country pavilion Danish Living at the London Design Fair’s 2019 edition. The selected pieces showcased embody Danish values such as sustainability, functionality and playfulness. In that way, they keep a long, beautiful tradition alive,' said Lars Thuesen, Ambassador of Denmark to the UK.

This year Danish Living showcases the sustainability ethos of Danish design. You can step through the door to a world of Danish design items. Let yourself wander off and take your time to focus on the details of Danish living. Experience fragments of cosy atmosphere, clean Scandinavian lines combined with an organic touch, the calm colours of Mother Nature and loving thoughts to the environment and our planet. Elements of both indoor and outdoor Danish living (hygge) are gently framed in soft carpets, shaped for a dynamic life in the city.

At the pavilion, you can step through the carefully designed Vahle doors and try out the natural and functionalistic Danish furniture by Norr11, TAKT, Nichba Design, Moebe, By Thornam and Sika Design and enjoy the captivating classic lamps by Le Klint that are bringing a soft warm light into the living area. Hygge is also present whether you are looking for the snuggling feeling next to a beautiful designed Hudevad radiatoror sitting in the stylish sofa created by Søren Lund with beautiful textiles by Södahl. Simplicity meets quality and sustainability in the home accessories of Humadkin, Mette Handberg, Lene Bjerre, A Simple Mess and Color & Co, and a vibrant and elegant collection of ceramics presented by Eden Outcast, I C Lauvring and Bitz makes a meal to remember. Finally, an expression of Scandinavian simplicity and playful patterns comes to life in the tiles by Ege Carpets framing the living room with its elegant geometric patterns in a stylish and distinctive way.

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