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Dartington Crystal joins finish for new and informative campaign

Britain’s leading glass and crystal manufacturers, Dartington Crystal, is teaming up with the world’s favourite dishwasher brand, Finish, to launch a new and informative campaign

The campaign will launch with a series of five ‘infomercials’ broadcast across week nights, which will include information about how to get the best results from your dishwasher

The new campaign is designed to educate consumers on the importance of using additives such as rinse aids and dishwasher cleaners, in order to get the very best consistent clean and shine performance from their detergent and from their dishwasher.

The infomercials, presented by Carol Smillie, will feature advice and tips from industry experts, including Richard Halliday, Marketing and Design Director at Dartington Crystal.

The campaign will also receive support from, where consumers can go for top tips, competitions and access to experts that are on-hand to help with their dishwasher dilemmas. Key topics covered will include Hygiene, Odour, Maintaining ‘Shine’ and getting the best ‘Dry’ (no streaks).

Neil Hughes, Managing Director at Dartington Crystal, comments: “We have partnered with Finish over many years and feel confident in telling our customers that they can put their Dartington fine crystal in the dishwasher with Finish detergents and additives and maintain the brilliant shine and beautiful surface of their glassware. We are very pleased to be a part of this campaign”.

The TV infomercials will launch in July and will run until the Autumn.

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