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David Gandy talks brands

The international supermodel appeared at Retail Week Live yesterday, highlighting the role of brand ambassador

David Gandy appeared at Retail Week Live in London on Thursday afternoon in his role as Wellman brand ambassador alongside Vitabiotics CEO and BBC Dragon Tej Lalvani.

Explaining why Vitabiotics chose Gandy as brand ambassador, Lalvani said: 'David is extremely aspirational – people want to be like him, look like him, he has the right energy and character.'

'It's important that I work with the brands and products that align with me,' said Gandy. 'I am all about health and wellbeing and have always believed that people in the public eye – especially in these times with such obesity in children – have to be a role model and be careful with the things we promote. Ice creams, fizzy drinks and chocolates are not ideal. I don’t drink fizzy drinks apart from tonic water, which is usually added to gin.'

Before choosing which brands to work with, Gandy said he spoke to model Cindy Crawford who told him: 'I never want a one-night stand with a brand, I always want a marriage.'

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