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Denby on Channel 4's What Britain Buys

Channel 4's What Britain Buys came to Denby to talk to designer Nicola Wilson to discuss the increase in popularity for eating out of bowls rather than plates.

As Britain has embraced food from different cultures over recent years, our plates of choice have become bowls – firstly the rice bowl to accompany our favourite curry and pasta bowls to hold our latest lasagne recipe and now joining Denby’s ranges this summer are tapas bowls from which to nibble our favourite taster food.

The transition to a nation who prefers bowls for dining has been gradual over the last 15 years or so.

Some 20 years ago dining was more formal and Denby produced just two sizes of bowls for individual portions – a soup/cereal bowl and a fruit/salad bowl with a large salad bowl for the centre of the table.

Denby’s new Natural Canvas Tableware Collection boasts a whopping 15 bowls from a small dipping bowl to a Large Ramen Noodle Bowl.

Originally intended for their Korean customers Denby find there is a demand for its wide choice of bowls in the UK.

Restaurants and TV cookery programmes have been at the forefront to our conversion to bowls who present everything from baked potatoes to fine dining in an array of different sized bowls

Another reason for the popularity in bowls is that they are both functional and synonymous with healthy eating for foods such foods as grains, quinoa, guacamole, salads with dressings etc. – although latterly they have been hijacked by the comfort food chefs.

Bowls offer a photogenic backdrop for food and there are even bowl-focused recipe books and bowls where food is nestled invitingly.

Latterly eating from bowls has become popular on both sides of the Atlantic with Denby’s American customers also converting from their plates to bowls.

Those concerned about portion control find they help - whilst on a plate food is spread out, in a bowl there seems to be more, making portion and diet control more achievable and each member of the family can have their own sized bowl!

Denby believes casual dining and bowl culture shows no signs of waning with bowls in all their forms accounting for a huge 40% of sales in 2015 against 9% being dinner plates.

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