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Design & quality from Culinary Concepts

Renowned for their dedication to innovative design and quality craftsmanship, Culinary Concepts offer a varied array of collections perfect for any garden centre gift shop

Whether you’re looking for creative pieces that embrace the theme of nature or need to add a bit of variety to your gift shop, Culinary Concepts has something for everyone.

Blooming flowers and buzzing bees go hand in hand, making the Culinary Concepts Honey Bee collection the ideal pairing to plant life. Each polished silver piece in this breakfast tableware range is adorned with a small, detailed bee. Bringing further inspiration from the animal kingdom to your display, their adorably designed Mouse Cheese Knife collection is sure to attract attention and become a popular gift choice.

Culinary Concepts varied lantern designs, available in a wide selection of shapes and sizes, will enchant and illuminate any garden. A beautiful feature when paired with foliage, these lanterns look just as stunning in the home as they do in the garden. Guaranteed to catch the eye on any display, these sleek, polished lanterns are a must-have piece that exudes timeless class.

Perfect for the budding flower arranger, the Test Tube Vase range provides a contemporary alternative to the traditional vase. Display beautiful blooms and foliage in the test tube compartments to create a stunning feature. Ideal for any gardener who wants to bring their carefully pruned and perfected plant life into the home.

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