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DeVancer secures iBeani deal with Brother

Office Products and Business Solutions manufacturer purchases tablet beanbag for Office on the move.

Consumer product and service specialists DeVancer announces that office products manufacturer Brother has taken an order of its iBeani – a stylish bean bag, specifically designed to hold tablets or e-readers on any surface at the perfect viewing angle.

Representatives from Brother attended a merchandise day at Dukes of London in May where the iBeani was a gift in the goody bags given away on the day. Brother were so impressed with the beanbag that they have put in a substantial order for a corporate give away.

Sue Mattocks, the Exhibition & Events Organiser at Brother UK, commented, “We love the iBeanis. They are a great corporate give away for supporting iPads & nighttime reading on the kindle. We are using the ones we purchased for our office on the move with a Bluetooth keypad while travelling. The iBeani supports the iPad and you can work in comfort using the keyboard.”

Ashley Freer, a director of DeVancer Limited commented, “We are delighted to have secured the deal with Brother. They are a massive company and we are extremely proud that they liked the iBeani so much, they purchased a number for their corporate customers to use. The iBeani has proved extremely popular since its launch with sales on the increase. We are looking to secure several other business deals like the one with Brother so more companies can take advantage of the fantastic benefits it offers.”
Perfect for home or office use, the iBeani is manufactured entirely in the UK from carefully selected quality fabrics to ensure customers get the highest quality and durable product possible. There are over 20 different variations of the iBeani with different materials and designs such as grey check, butterfly, techno black, Mexicana, denim, and many more to appeal to men, women and children of all ages."

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