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Dino time at the Natural History Museum

The museum announces new ranges for 2015 including puzzles, games, blind bags and excavation kits

The Natural History Museum has announced a new collection of officially licensed ranges for sale throughout 2015, perfect for capitalising on this year's dinosaur trend.

Coming soon from The Lagoon Group is a fascinating range of dinosaur puzzles, games and trivia including sliding tile puzzles, dinosaur snap, dinosaur dominoes, playing cards and memory games. The products will encourage kids to play their favourite games while learning fun dinosaur facts, such as what they ate and how big they were when they roamed the planet millions of years ago.

From October, GSC Ltd brings a range of dinosaur dress-up for kids, including T-Rex and triceratops costumes, plus an adult onesie - all of which have involved museum scientists during production.

Coming this August from Geoworld is a range of excavation kits, dinosaur skeleton models and collectable blind bag dinosaurs for all those young palaeontologists out there. These highly-detailed, inventive products will be distributed by Wow Stuff, and are approved by museum palaeontologists. All kits and models come with detailed information on the species as well as assembly instructions. Excavation kits also include tools modelled on a palaeontologist’s excavation kit.

"We’re delighted to announce these new partnerships, which will see more museum branded products in the market than ever before," said Zuzi Wojciechowska, Licensing Manager at the Natural History Museum. "All of our licensed products are assessed for accuracy by our scientists here at the museum. We hope they inspire kids and adults to learn more about the natural world and our place within it."

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