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Eight expert lectures for retailers during Tendence

Any questions about websites and online shops? Answers at the Webchance Academy.

How important are websites for the retail trade? How can you sell things via the internet and be sure of no legal worries? On 29 and 30 August, experts will provide answers to questions such as these in eight lectures on opportunities, strategies and best practices at the Webchance Academy during the international Tendence consumer-goods fair in Frankfurt am Main. The spectrum ranges from tips to subjects such as increased sales and customer retention on the web, via legal aspects, to a look at the retail trade of tomorrow. ‘Supplementing the numerous new products being shown by Tendence exhibitors, the Webchance Academy offers visitors a broad spectrum of information on marketing and sales on the internet. For conventional retailers, the experts are a valuable source of new impulses’, says Webchance Academy Director Béatrice Klocke.

“Do all retailers need their own online shop or are there alternatives? Should every retailer be present in all social networks, from Facebook to Pinterest, or is it up to them? How can I keep track of everything against the background of so many digital challenges?” Dr Joachim Stoll, the CEO of and Managing Partner of Leder-Stoll OHG, will provide tips and recommendations about, for example, online market places and online marketing.

Bert Klingsporn is the Interim Manager Marketing & Sales and a member of the German Digital Business Association (Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft) and the Federation of German Management Consultants. ‘E‑commerce is booming’, he says. “There are around 400,000 online retailers in Germany alone. However, many of them are forgotten immediately after the first purchase – and the customers don’t come back”. His lecture shows how unique purchasing and brand experiences can help create bonds of customer loyalty.

Hannah Sondermann, CEO of The Retail Academy, and Caroline Zöller, CEO of Forteam Kommunikation GmbH, will speak about colourful monitors, shopping apps and i-beacons. Which technology goes with my concept? What can I do without? What is it likely to cost me? The speakers will answer questions such as these in their joint lecture.

‘Why your customers (do not) buy’ is the title of the lecture by Nico Zorn, a partner and the co-founder of Saphiron Digital Strategy Consultants. The subjects to be tackled include the prerequisites for successful e-commerce, chances and challenges, and tactics for increased sales in online shops.

Dr Carsten Takac, the CEO of Sitewards GmbH, will examine the strategic foundations for successful e-commerce among small to medium-sized companies and explain how to plan for success and offer answers to the question, “How does e-commerce fit in my business model?”

Trademark, domain and competition law, obligatory information on websites, direct marketing and data protection – these are subjects that frequently call for legal advice. In his lecture, Tim Christopher Caesar, partner in the Beiten Burkhardt Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH firm of lawyers, will provide help on ensuring legally compliant sales and avoiding cease and desist orders. Afterwards, visitors can take advantage of his offer for a free initial consultation.

Almost two thirds of Germans aged between 15 and 65 use a smartphone – and the number of web-enabled devices, such as smartphones and tablets continues to grow. Tobias Jungcurt, Client Service Director of Blue Summit Media GmbH, will present the subject of ‘Performance marketing – mobile, omni-channel & data driven as the forces powering change’ and show how potential measures can be made to interact successfully, as well as which approaches are possible with ‘new’ technologies in the future.

A look into the future will also be taken by Holger Schaffer, Business Development Director of Schneider Schreibgeräte GmbH. In live demonstration, he will show how the real and virtual worlds are growing together. The title of his lecture: ‘The experiential world of shopping in the future – on the basis of beacons’. Using Bluetooth technology, the mini-transmitters can send information to smartphone users within a certain radius. For retailers, they represent a new opportunity for reaching customers near the point of sale. Schaffer invites visitors to discuss and test the new technology.

The 45-minute lectures will be held in Hall 9.2 from 2pm to 5pm on 29 and 30 August. Further information about the Webchance Academy lecture programme can be found on the internet at

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