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Elves Behavin' Badly hit the road

PMS International kickstarts massive marketing drive for hit festive brand

PMS International has unveiled a new livery for its fleet of lorries as the first part of its massive 2018 Elves Behavin' Badly marketing campaign.

PMS International has produced over 40 distinct and separate eye-catching lorry images of its Elves Behavin' Badly, which have been applied across its entire lorry fleet. Distinctive and immediately recognisable, the liveried lorries will clock up in excess of a million road miles between them as they travel nationwide making deliveries between now and Christmas.

Each humorous image captures the mischief and mayhem the Elves Behavin' Badly brand has come to be associated with. PMS' hero scene sees a schoolroom of elves being taught how to behave badly by head elf Elfie, while other scenes depict PMS' elves either up to no good, or participating in an extreme activity – whether it be caught in a jewellery heist, escaping from prison, surfing with sharks or throwing some dance moves.

Paul Beverly, Managing Director at PMS International, said: 'With its distinctive visual appearance, the new Elves Behavin' Badly livery will make PMS' lorries some of the most recognisable on the roads. We are sure that the images of our elves will make people smile, and will become instantly memorable to all those who see them out and about.

'It is many years since the Eddie Stobart Transport Company launched their famous advertising campaign based on their core business, their fleet of trucks. Our campaign has a very similar feel to it except it feels more 'today' because the campaign has been able to use more up to date technology to make it happen.'

The full blown Elf Christmas consumer marketing campaign starts on the 1 November, and will be overseen by renowned creative marketing agency Taylor Herring. Consumers can expect to see social media promotions, a viral video series, a Christmas advert and a number of high profile publicity stunts will also be rolled out nationwide, with a focus on London.

The lorries are already gathering plenty of attention, and to further engage consumers a social media campaign will be launched to encourage fans of the brand to share their snaps of the lorries in transit.

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