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Elves Got Talent

Latest tongue in cheek marketing campaign for PMS' Elves Behavin' Badly

PMS International has launched the latest phase of its Elves Behavin’ Badly marketing campaign, Elves Got Talent.

After sales partners reported impressive sales of the Elves and accessories, the PMS team created the lighthearted Elves Got Talent competition. Over the next week consumers can follow the roller coaster adventure of Elfie and Elvie, the Elves Behavin’ Badly, as they dream of winning Elves Got Talent. This interactive campaign will then open up to the public from Tuesday 12 December, inviting families with their new Elves to enter videos of their Elves Behavin’ Badly scenes and take part in the Elves Got Talent Competition.

Through a series of videos, which will be released over the next week, consumers will get a glimpse of the highs and lows of dreaming big when you’re an Elf with Big Ears. Consumers will be invited to watch the videos and then vote for their favourite outcome. Will Elfie and Elvie win and get a Thumbs Up or will their dreams be dashed by a judge’s put downs?

Once Elfie and Elvie’s journey through the auditions is complete, consumers will have the chance to audition for Elves Got Talent. From Tuesday 12 December, consumers are invited to share their best Elves Behavin’ Badly videos on Facebook and Instagram. A team of judges will narrow these entries down to a shortlist and a winner will be announced on Wednesday 20 December.

Paul Beverley, PMS Managing Director, said: 'Elves Behavin’ Badly has performed excellently this year. Our partners have reported record sales and we wanted to do something fun with our consumer customers. Families who enter can share and celebrate their talents with other Elves Behavin Badly fans and enjoy the Elf ritual together.'

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