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EurekaKids, new for Marbel!

Marbel continue to establish a strong portfolio of spectacular children’s toy brands including Eureka Kids and Nebulous Star - perfect for the gifting market

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Offering a fantastic selection of children’s toys from brands such as; Hape, Relevant Play, Kathe Kruse, Nanoblock and PolyM, the leading distributor have announced two new exciting brands to join the team for 2019, Eureka Kids and Nebulous Star.

With EurekaKids aboard an exciting journey that provides children with the tools to succeed, to enhance imagination, spark curiosity and develop a child’s five senses. Celebrating the best of quality educational and pedagogical toys from ages 0-12 years, EurekaKids provides a platform for out of school learning, stepping stones to achieve those important educational milestones.

Recognised for their innovation and originality EurekaKids is are jam packed with the best toys in town that are sure to go straight to the top of the toy box. A great area they continue to make a big hit with is ‘Baby Toys.’ From Musical Keys to Toy Smartphones, as EurekaKids says themselves younger children are more receptive in their first months, to what they touch, hear or see. So for this reason in particularly EurekaKids selection of baby toys do just that, to help stimulate growth in an educational and didactic way.

Next up ‘Happy School’ why should learning be just left to the four walls of a classroom, hone these skills outside of school with EurekaKids. Jam packed with Caligraphy Alphabet Sets and Magnetic Travel Boards, ‘Happy School’ toys is based on the idea that these toys can develop a child’s imagination, memory, social skills, concentration and visual perception outside of the classroom.

Another great example that EurekaKids excels in is puzzles and magnets. Of all different shapes, sizes and themes, using beautiful vibrant colours and characterful illustrations encourages the development of children from 2+. Perfect for the gifting market, match the animal to its rightful home or complete a spherical puzzle of the solar system, to name just a few of the fantastic puzzles Eureka Kids has to offer.

EurekaKids will be available at Marbel Toys from the Friday 15 March.

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