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FidMe loyalty card app has 3.5m users and 6,000 brands signed up

Pioneering loyalty card app FidMe has topped 3.5m users, and now offers more than 6,000 brand loyalty programmes across 80 different countries.

The founding company, Snapp, had the idea for FidMe many years ago, when it was just a mobile agency creating apps – before smartphones and tablets were commonplace. The team at Snapp, with their innovative FidMe idea, were told in no uncertain terms that consumers would never use their phone as a wallet, and the trend for digital loyalty cards would never take off – when in actual fact, a 2013 survey by the National Syndicate of Direct Marketing showed that 52 per cent of smartphone users wanted to have their loyalty cards in their mobile.

The team continued to improve the FidMe offering and eventually felt confident enough to approach retailers and ask them to try out a digital loyalty card with their app. Many of them said no, convinced it would never work – but when Snapp released a demo version of the FidMe app, it received hundreds of thousands of downloads. The app had one million users after just one year, and reached two million users within eighteen months.

A spokesman for Snapp and the FidMe app says, “It took a long time for major retailers to take a chance on the FidMe idea – it was consumer pressure that eventually convinced them. The consumers of today are constantly looking for the ideas of tomorrow, and FidMe was one of those ideas which clicked with the public. Once we had the user base, we could start approaching retailers more seriously, and focus on making FidMe the Facebook of the loyalty card world.”

The spokesman adds, “Now, retailers are using FidMe as a medium to push their loyalty cards, deals, offers and discounts to as many as 3.5m users in 80 countries. We’ve signed up retailers large and small – with names like Office Depot, Pizza Hut and Smartbox offering their deals next to small businesses and local stores. FidMe has been a resounding success – and it’s only the beginning of our plans!”

FidMe is now Europe’s leading couponing and discount app. It allows users to carry around an unlimited wallet full of stamp cards and loyalty schemes, including Fidme’s, Digital Card and points system, without clogging up their actual wallet. All of the loyalty schemes are totally digital, marking a real step forward for businesses hoping to make an impact with smartphone-carrying consumers.

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