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Latest figures from renowned giftware company Enesco reveal figurines are as popular now as four decades ago

Enesco has just released some new research, and the findings have something very interesting to say about the enduring popularity of figurines.

In fact the figures show that Enesco sold more figurines in 2015 than the previous year – more than 250 per hour, every hour of the year to be precise. Proving that figurines are more popular than ever when it comes to the giftware market.

Enesco probably knows more about figurines than anybody else, having been selling an enviable product portfolio of the world’s most popular brands for decades: from Border Fine Arts and Beatrix Potter to, in more recent years, Willow Tree and Disney. 
Collectible or just decorative, the consumer loves a figurine, as the figures show, and there are many reasons why – whether it’s the sentiment of the piece, the character or that they simply fall in love with it.

Enesco’s figures also reveal the longevity in the popularity and demand of some figurines , with the Willow Tree® figure, Promise, having been a best seller for a decade.

There’s also up-and-coming favourites to choose from, including pieces from the A Moment in Time collection, with Lady and the Tramp being the current best-selling piece. 

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