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Star backs first 'Just A Card Day'

Benedict Cumberbatch has designed a beautiful charity Christmas card, which will be sold exclusively by the volunteer-led campaign, which emphasises that every sale however small is vital to independent shops, galleries, artists and designers

The eagerly-anticipated launch of Benedict's Christmas card design, at 10am on 28 September, will coincide with the first ever Just A Card day.

As well as social media being awash with personal stories of individual creative businesses uniting to celebrate their rich and diverse work, independent shops and galleries up and down the country will be highlighting the campaign with Just A Card posters and their own in-store events and celebrations. They will stress that the Just A Card message means so much to them - ultimately it’s the difference between vibrant, varied High Streets or clone towns and boarded-up shops.

The Jjust A Card campaign began three years ago when the artist Sarah Hamilton read a quote by shopkeeper who'd been forced to close down “If everyone who’d complimented our beautiful gallery had bought 'just a card' we’d still be open". It’s so clear – those few words say it all!

Just A card : If you say you value independents shops then make the connection between thought and action - buy just a card, just a necklace, just a print, just a book, and so it goes on. Compliments make the world a sunnier place, but sadly they don't pay the bills, whenever possible - buy 'Just A Card.'

Benedict designed the Christmas card to raise funds for the UK based children's art educational charity Anno's Africa

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