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Fizz Creations at Spring Fair

Fun for all in Hall 4, stand F30-G31

They’re pretty excited for 2020 at Fizz. Not not only are they celebrating their 10th birthday, they’re also launching their biggest range of games ever. As staying in becomes the new going out, we’ve seen the games market go from strength to strength and Fizz Creations are lucky to have some real game enthusiasts on their product development team. In fact, most break times you’ll find a huddle of the team engrossed in some game or another. They have two core game lines - MAD CAP Games and The Games Room.


They’re bold! They’re bright! They’re silly! They’re MAD CAP Games - fun for all the family. The active game play across the whole range has proved a massive hit with buyers and customers – so much so, that Fizz Creations are launching two new titles.

  1. Twerk Pong remains as popular as ever and was joined by Floss Pong last summer– same concept just a different dance move! And their autumn launch, Sumo Squats, was a massive hit over Christmas as players don a sumo belt and race to squat and hook their sumos into their own coloured ring. 
  2. Bull in China Shop, where friends challenge each other to swing their bull’s tail to be the first to knock over all their china and Tiny Skeleton Hands that sees players attempt to perform simple task equipped only with a pair of skeleton hands.

With seven products, the MAD CAP Games line up offers a complete party games range.

The Games Room

The Games Room welcomes quite the collection of new games. With trendy illustrations, created by the in-house design teams, and diverse gameplay combining fun and strategy for all ages.
You won’t want to miss their hilarious Flies with More Interesting Lives game – that combines quick draw gameplay with a novel twist – draw the scenarios and finish your illustration with a fly! Three scenario cards select

  • WHAT - Racing a go-kart
  • WHERE - In a graveyard
  • WITH - A balloon
  • AND finish with a fly….

Challenge yourself to a modern-day murder mystery with their vibrant Murder on the Dance Floor game – coming in 2020. Players battle it out to identify who committed the ghastly crime, where it happened, the murder weapon and the reason. For instance:
Quincy Quickfoot – killer dance moves – disco dancefloor - they wore the same outfit.

There’s also a laugh a minute to be had with their comical Complete the Headline & Lyrics games where players battle to complete the blanks with the funniest answers.

It’s fair to say they’ve had some good laughs with developing these two ranges – creating fun for everyone! Build your games range at Spring Fair! The more games you buy… the more you save!

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