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Flashy Gift Bows light up Christmas sales

Now’s the moment to give your customers some extra Christmas cheer – flashy, fabulous and fun – Gaeltag’s new LED Flashy gift bows are proving an irresistible and instant hit with both adults and children.

With a wholesale price of only £1.05 and £2.49 RRP, these gorgeous gift accessories liven up present giving for any occasion.

The range comes in four beautiful bow styles, and five classic colourways, giving a total of 20 options.

As the LED filaments constantly change hue, it means that these bows will cleverly suit any gift presentation, whatever the giftwrap colour or design.

The novelty value extends to secondary use as tree decorations, or even as part of a Christmas table setting – in fact Christmas offers endless options for using these sparkly sensations imaginatively.

The Flashy gift bows feature on/off switch, self-adhesive base and come ready-to-merchandise on hang tags.

They’re a great addition to standard giftwrap and gift accessories, or positioned at the till as eye-catching impulse pick up lines.

Bright and brilliant bows guaranteed to add shine to your Christmas sales.

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