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Floss & Rock hits the shops

Floss & Rock is the brand new collection from the people who launched Think Pink back in 1999.

Launched at the Toy Fair in Nuremberg and then closer to home at the Spring Fair, Floss & Rock has had a fantastic response from customers new and old.

Combining Think Pink favourites with a fantastic collection of exclusively designed gifts for boys and girls, Floss & Rock places an emphasis on contemporary packaging and keen gift pricing.

Winning new lines so far include Pirate Memory Game, Petal Fairy Height Chart and the Owl Secret Diary with Blueberry scented pen.

Floss and Rock is proud to boast its Blackpool roots in its name as a company built up in the land of candy floss and sticks of rock.

The full range is available to view and order online via its brand new stunning and simple to access website. Call the office on 01253 831512/540 and request a login ID if you don’t already have one.

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