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Flower Fairies Reimagined

Penguin Ventures, part of Penguin Random House, has launched a stunning new style guide

Since their first publication in 1923, Cicely Mary Barker’s Flower Fairies have been loved by both children and adults alike. Comprising of 170 exquisite illustrations, the artwork combines incredibly detailed and accurate botanical drawings with the whimsical, ethereal fairies. Penguin Ventures engaged design agency Andsome Creative Agency to rethink the style guide by creating a series of beautiful design treatments that were inspired by original artwork and recent trends in fashion and interiors.

Thomas Merrington, Creative Director at Penguin Ventures said: 'Cicely’s illustrations are incredibly intricate and have a real clarity and beauty when you isolate individual elements. We really wanted to celebrate her unique talent for painting botanicals in such stunning detail, whilst simultaneously showcasing the fairies. Andsome have responded beautifully to our brief by creating a set of design placements and patterns that show off the individual florals and fairies in a clean, fresh way, allowing the brand to evolve in a contemporary new direction. We feel there is a huge potential for the Flower Fairies and we’re excited to see how licensees will be inspired by the new style guide. We’re looking forward to creating contemporary ranges for both adults and children to ensure the appeal of the Flower Fairies remains as strong as ever.'

The archive of Cicely Mary Barker is housed in the Victoria and Albert Museum Archives located at Blythe House, London and is managed by Penguin Ventures. It includes original paintings, illustrations and manuscripts and continues to provide a hugely valuable source of inspiration. All new publishing and consumer products closely reference Cicely’s exquisite illustrations.

Penguin Ventures welcomes approaches from new and existing licensees to discuss opportunities around the new style guide. New consumer products featuring the Flower Fairies are expected to be launched at autumn 2018.

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