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Fresh from the Village

At Village Candle it’s what’s inside the brand that brings to life the fragrance and brand experiences. For more than 25 years it’s their brand, products and people that have allowed them to grow their own Village into one of the largest candle brands around the world

Experience mood-evoking true-to-life fragrances throughout their breadth of products and collections. Their classic two-wick traditions jar has received a fresh new look with a contemporary metal lid, while still providing a clean, long-lasting burn and fragrance experience. Made with the highest quality food grade paraffin wax and burn time of up to 170 hours – it’s what’s inside the product that offers a point of difference in the UK market and globally. Experience the quality difference today.

Every year, Village introduce new seasonal fragrances made with the finest ingredients to fill your home. Debuting this spring, they’re excited to introduce new fragrances such as Fresh Cut Peony and Grapefruit Turmeric Tonic. In addition, they’ve added two new collections, as well as a new Petite Jar offering a ‘try me’ and giftable opportunity for their customers.

The new Fun Fantasy Collection offers UK customers an escape to a playful and mystical fragrance world, filled with unicorns and mermaids. Trend and pulse-based retail is an important part of any product category today, and their aim is to bring a magical fragrance experience to customers and retailers. Suzanne Chapman says: ‘This range is unique and exciting, it captures the imagination of our customers who love all things mystical. Our glitter and holographic labels are eye catching, adding a touch of mysterious sparkle to the range.’

The Presence Collection provides a new exciting collection for the UK market – Village understand and appreciate their customers’ interest and desire in natural-based products. This numbered range of seven extraordinary fragrances is created with a blend of essential oils and soy elements. This simple yet stunning range comes in a three-wick bowl perfect for garden centres and gift shops alike, with fragrances such as Ivy Rose and Garden Herbs and Citrus.

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