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Fun Fantasy Fragrance at Village Candle

Head to Hall 5, Stand D40-E41, where Village are introducing a collection to bring a playful and mystical fragrance experience to consumers and retailers alike

Escape into a world full of glitter, sparkle, unicorns and even mermaids. This range offers a real point of difference to the customer and encapsulates the current trend of all things mystical. Offered in two sizes, large and new petite, in five fun fragrances: Mermaid Tales, Forbidden Forest, Unicorn Dreams, Magic Spell and Fairy Dust.

Fairy Dust
Plum, raspberry, cedarwood, amber

With sprinkles of rich plum, raspberries, cedarwood and warm amber – this mystical dust swirls over you, lifting you to fly away with the fairies.

Unicorn Dreams
Lemon, red berry, lime

Magical dreams conjure up sweet and fruity notes of tart lemon, strawberry wishes, hot pink candied cherries and lime confetti as your inner unicorn delicately prances and softly descends into the pastel forest.

Forbidden Forest
Pine, herbaceous, cedarwood, patchouli, smoke

At first glance the bright and cheery pine forest invites and then transforms into a mystical world where gnarly twists of cedarwood, eucalyptus clouds, dark fireside smoke and drifts of patchouli mysteriously mingle to capture your spirit and darken your mood in the hidden forbidden forest.

Mermaid Tales (shown)
Aquatic, sea salt, dewy green, muguet, cyclamen, musk
Mermaids mystify in aquatic notes as they dance in the sea in soft movements gathering tiny treasures of forbidden apple, melon and citrus swirls. Swimming through the sea-salted water and dewy greens, the day turns to night and invites all creatures to this delightful dance amongst the glittering goddess mermaids and coral maze.

Magic Spell
Enchanted apple, blue hibiscus, gardenia, clean musk, ocean water accord

Cast a spell as this magical effect invokes a vision of enchanted apples, dark blue hibiscus and a warm splash of ocean water. This unexpected chant enlightens and uplifts through innocent petals of white gardenia and a subtle velvet curtain of clean musk that bewitches your journey of intrigue and taboo light.

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