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House of Marbles offer a fabulous range of high quality games and puzzles, many of which have been inspired by original games of generations past

From retro-inspired board games to classic family games, there’s something for everyone in this best-selling range.

Rainy Day Games is brand new for 2017. Packed with over 40 traditional games and tricks, including old favourites such as Jacks, Pick-Up-Sticks and Tiddlywinks, it contains everything you need to entertain the whole family on those rainy summer days! This incredibly fun set comes presented in a gorgeous vintage-style gift box making it excellent value for money.

Also new this year are nostalgic Hopscotch and classic Backgammon games, as well as an assortment of brain-teasing wooden puzzles. Each has its own unique packaging designed by the House of Marbles team.

This popular range is the perfect choice for game and toy retailers, garden centres and museums. It is just a small part of the House of Marbles collection - they also offer a full range of toys, gifts, novelties and books that can be seen online. Use promotion code GIFT5 online and receive 5% off your first/next order over £150.

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